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Condoms are worn during sexual activity as a contraceptive and to prevent infection. They are available for men and women. Do’s Check the expiry date. Don’t use condoms that have expired. Check for a batch number. This means they meet Australian and United States of America standards. Before use, check the condom has not discoloured or become brittle. Find the right size. A condom that’s too small can break and be very uncomfortable. A condom that’s too big can fall off. Lubricant reduces the risk of the condom breaking. Use water based lubricant. Do not use oil based products such as baby oil or massage oils as they weaken the latex leading to breakage. Store condoms in a cool dark place, even in the fridge if you live or travel in a hot climate. do not store condoms in the car. Condoms should not be kept for any length of time in a wallet, purse or handbag. Never re-use condoms. Some people find some brands of condoms irritate their skin. Try other brands. Try practicing with them by yourself. Always have more than one condom available. Try flavoured condoms for oral sex. Cover your vibrator with a condom if using it on someone else.


Putting on a condom As semen or pre-cum may leak out as soon as the penis is hard, put the condom on before the penis goes near your partner’s genitals, mouth or anus.

  • Open the packet, being careful not to tear the condom with teeth or fingernails. Squeeze the condom out. Don’t unroll the condom yet.
  • Make sure the condom is the right way up. Squeeze the teat on the tip of the condom to remove the air bubble. For an uncircumcised penis, gently pull back the foreskin.
  • Hold the condom against the tip of the penis. Unroll it all the way down to the base of the penis. Apply a water-based lubricant.

Removing a condom after use

  • Pull out the penis as soon as you ejaculate and before your penis goes soft.
  • While withdrawing, hold the condom at the base of the penis. Be careful not to allow the condom or the penis to touch your partner’s genitals, mouth or anus as you slip it off.
  • Tie a knot in the top of the condom and put the condom in a rubbish bin. Don’t flush it down the toilet as it is not biodegradable and may cause your toilet to block up. Don’t throw the used condom where children might pick it up.
  • Wash your hands after removing a condom.

Helpful Hints

If the condom breaks:

  • Withdraw immediately.
  • Women should not douche – this can increase the risk of getting a sexually transmitted infection (STI). Wash the outside of the genitals with water, not soap or detergents, and pass urine.
  • Men should wash the genitals and urinate.
  • If there is a risk of pregnancy, you may like to consider emergency contraception. You will need to talk about this with your local doctor, family planning clinic or sexual health clinic within 72 hours – the sooner the better.
  • If there is a high risk of exposure to HIV or Hepatitis B, consider post-exposure prophylaxis. You will need to talk about this with your local doctor, family planning clinic or sexual health clinic.
  • If you are worried about the risk of a STI, see your local doctor, family planning clinic or sexual health clinic. Have a check-up.
  • Think about why your condom broke and try to prevent this from happening again..  Was there enough lubricant?  Was it old?  Was there an air bubble? Was it too small?


Practical Advice

If your partner won’t use a condom, you could try saying:

  • “No condom, no sex”
  • “If it’s not on, it’s not on”
  • “I always use condoms”
  • “I’ll show you – let me put it on”
  • “We can use my condoms if you don’t have any”
  • “Don’t worry – I’ll put it on nicely”.


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