The Case of the Phantom Condom

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The Case of the Phantom Condomphantom condom

You’re having fun, it’s getting hot, and there are screams and moans, you cum, and then relax in each other’s arms. “That was awesome.” Your eyes get wide. “Where’s the condom?” A number of female friends I talked to called this the “phantom condom” where the condom came off inside them and, as my friend Liz said, she became accustomed to pulling the “Let me just go ahead annnnnd take care of this by myself in the bathroom.”

What He Thinks: To be honest? Terror. Of the guys I polled the predominant thing he’s thinking is whether his semen is still (hopefully) in the condom or if there’s a chance some has slipped out and he’s gotten you pregnant. Right behind that is slight humiliation. As high school as it may sound, some men are still sensitive about the size of their package; a regular size condom coming off during sex fuels that anxiety. In the grand scheme of embarrassing things that can happen this isn’t so bad though. Pull the condom out, crack a joke, and get back to cuddling.

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