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The first recorded use of condoms was in Egypt in 1350 b.c. In 1564, the Italian anatomist Fallopius described a linen condom used to prevent venereal disease. The term  condom  is actually a corruption of the name of an 18th-century British physician, Dr. John Conton, who provided condoms to France’s King Charles II. The legendary lover Giovanni Casanova (1725-1798) used pieces of sheep intestine to protect himself against venereal disease. The first condom manufacturer in the U.S. was Schmid Laboratories.

While condoms made from lamb cecums are available, most condoms are made from rubber latex.

sausage skin-maker, acquired a business that manufactured bottle seals from animal membranes. Five years later, Schmid used his experience with sausage casings and capping skins to manufacture prophylactic sheaths from lamb cecum.

Even as Schmid was marketing his skin condoms, technology was progressing to allow thinner, more pliable, and less expensive condoms to became available. Vulcanization, the chemical linking of rubber particles that was originally developed in 1839 for use in automobile tires, made condoms strong, durable, and fit for consumer use. A form of rubber called latex was developed in the 1930s; this new material, combined with a mechanized dipping process, facilitated the mass production of condoms and lowered manufacturing costs.

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