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The first film to show real sex on screen ended up with the actors getting an STD!


Sweet Sweetback’s Baadasssss Song is a 1971 American independent drama film, written, produced, scored, directed by, and starring Melvin Van Peebles.

This movie tells the picaresque story of a poor African American man on his flight from the white authority. This is also the first non-documentary feature film to include unsimulated sex.

A young African American orphan is taken in by the proprietor of a Los Angeles brothel in the 1940s. While working there as a towel boy, he loses his virginity at a young age to one of the prostitutes.

The women name him “Sweet Sweetback” in honor of his sexual prowess and large penis. This movie had consequences for the stud; He ended up contracting an STI! But luckily for him he ended up successfully filing for worker’s compensation.

I think he needed to use condoms!



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